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Personal Dashboard

Each member gets their very own personal dashboard space to keep all of their Club materials organized and easily accessible.

Your Coach

When you join, you’ll be assigned to a primary coach who will also be leading your PWR15 Team.

PWR15 Teams

Your PWR15 Team will be approximately 6 to 12 teammates led by your head coach and one or more assistant coaches. These are the people you’ll be checking in with each day. (Friendships form quickly – you’ll be amazed!) 

Team Progress Grid

See your PWR15 Team’s progress at a glance! You can click on the checkmarks to open the check-in worksheet for that day. It’s super inspiring to see all of those checkmarks adding up! 

Daily Check-In Worksheets

Each daily check-in worksheet walks you through our proprietary goal achieving process, helping you build a daily practice and strong success habits. (This view shows thumbnails of “completed” worksheets.) As you can see, we occasionally run fun games, like the “UN-Challenge” to keep things interesting!

Goal Tracking Measurements and Graphs

We track several items, including time spent on your WIG (Wildly Important Goal). You can also set up your own measurements specific to your goal. For example:

> If you are writing a book, you can track the number of pages you’ve written.
> If you are losing weight, you can track calories consumed and pounds lost.
> If you are focused on sales, you can track number of sales and revenue generated.
> If you are training for a marathon, you can track number of miles you run each day.

If you wish, you can even set phone text reminders, and you can enter your data via text.

PWR15 Club Hub

You will also have access to the Hub where you can interact with everyone in the entire PWR15 community, network, and get the latest Club news and events. Find and connect with everyone through our community directory.

Your Profile Page

Each member can create a personal profile page. If you’d like to network for business purposes, include your website, social media, and contact information. (Many members in the Club do business with each other – another perk for joining us.) We all list our Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) so we know what each person is working towards and WHY.

Club Library

You’ll find The Power of 15™ short course, coaching call recordings, and any other other materials in our Club Library.

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