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PWR15: Productivity. Wins. Results! in 15+ minutes a day.

Hi there! I’m Michelle Demers, Creator of The Power of 15 Method & PWR15 Clubs. Welcome!

PWR15 Clubs is an online community of topic-focused groups of mindful action-takers who are achieving their goals and dreams.

PWR15 Clubs are great for those who are already self-motivated and get stuff done! You will enjoy the connection and camaraderie with other do-ers like you and take your productivity and success to a whole new level.

For those who’ve struggled with focus, procrastination, overwhelm, bad habits, and lack of accountability, structure, systems and organization, PWR15 Clubs can help you, too.

You will become the action-taker, and more importantly, the finisher! You will be amazed at your growth, transformation, and accomplishments.

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“What a productive year!”

“PWR15 was my foundation for the entire year of 2019.

The first 3 months, I focused on cleaning, clearing, and organizing my home. I weeded through closets, drawers, and the basement – none of which would have happened without Michelle and PWR15!

The next 3 months, I focused on reading books in my field of spiritual studies that had been sitting on my book shelves. It was something I wanted to do, but I just hadn’t made time for it.

And the last 6 months, I launched and taught a reading seminar for my Doctor of Ministry degree project.

PWR15 Clubs have a really fantastic Team structure that helped me do the things that mattered that I was not doing on my own. The support of others on the Team was invaluable and uplifting, and I enjoyed cheering everyone on, too.

The Power of 15 Method and The PWR15 Clubs are tools I recommend to anyone and everyone without reservation.”

Eileen Epperson
Ph.D. Candidate – Doctor of Ministry