Welcome to
The PWR15 Business & Money Club

Hi there! I am so excited to support you in achieving your goals!

Please take these 5 Steps BEFORE our Kick-Off Call (some take only a minute or two).

See you soon! Warmly,

Michelle Demers
Creator of The Power of 15 Method & PWR15 Clubs

Please take these 5 Steps BEFORE our Kick-Off Call:
(60-75 minutes total for all 5 steps)

1) Mark @pwr15.com AND pwr15club@gmail.com as safe senders in your email. Check your spam, promotions, and trash folders in case our emails ended up in there. You may find it helpful to set up an email folder just for our stuff.

2) Favorite and bookmark this page so you can find it easily again.

3) Scroll through this page and put the dates into your calendar.

>>> Please plan to attend the Kick-Off Call LIVE. <<<

4) Optional but recommended: join our Private Focusmate Group (link below). You can even start using it today!

5) Please review The Power of 15 Method short course. Both videos together are less than an hour total.

Taking these 5 steps prior to our Kick-Off call will ensure you are ready to hit the ground running and have the best experience with us. You’ll be receiving emails between now and the Kick-Off call with additional information and action steps. Please keep watch for those and act promptly. Thank you!

Important Dates

> Meet Michelle & your Teammates
> Fast-track onboarding
> Account set-up and platform tour
> Goal selection

Live Kick-Off Call

Monday, February 1, 2021 (2 hours)
@ 2-4 pm Eastern Time (New York)
@ 11 am-1 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles)

Call Link:
PW: 765720

Please come LIVE by Zoom video conference on a computer (not phone).
We would love to see you on camera if possible.
This is a working call. We will be getting you set up in our system during the call.

If you cannot attend live, there is a replay, however LIVE is best and encouraged if at all possible.

> Monday, February 1 — Saturday, February 6: Orientation Week
> Monday, February 1: Live Kick-Off Call @ 2-4 pm ET / 11 am – 2 pm PT (replay)
> Friday, February 5: Open Office Hours @ 2-4 pm ET / 11 am – 2 pm PT (optional)
> Sunday, February 7: Day 1 on your Daily Achievement Team
> Friday, February 19: Live 90-Day Goal and Action Planning Workshop (replay)

ORIENTATION: It takes 2-3 hours (on average), but you have the week to do it! We actually get most done with you on the Kick-Off Call.

KICK-OFF CALL: Please attend LIVE if you can. This is a working and interactive call to get you up and running fast! If you cannot attend, a replay will be available.

OPEN OFFICE HOURS (OPTIONAL): Michelle will hold open office hours to answer any questions you have. Come for part or all of the time. Questions will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis.

DAILY ACHIEVEMENT TEAM: Day 1 starts your first 15+ minutes on your Wildly Important Goal and your first official Club check-in.

90-DAY GOAL & ACTION PLANNING LIVE WORKSHOP: Get clarity on your daily, weekly, monthly goals and tasks to maximize productivity and results! This is included in our pay-in-full plans.


Access to Our Private Focusmate Group
& Club-Hosted Group Sprints

Optional but Recommended:
Sign up now for our Private Focusmate Group!
The video gives an overview.

Give online coworking on demand a try!
This is a tool some of our members find helpful for focus and accountability.

Create your Focusmate account and join our group here:

You get 3 free sessions each week.
Unlimited sessions are $5 per month (Focusmate charge, not us)

Our Club-hosted sprints are posted in the Club.
You’ll have access to dates and call times during / after the Kick-Off call.

The Power of 15 Method

Please watch both of these before the Kick-Off call, and you’ll be ready to go!
Both videos together are less than an hour total.

Email pwr15club@gmail.com!