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An Exclusive Invitation to Potential PWR15 Club
Builders, Collaborators, and Referral Partners

If you already have, or are thinking of launching, a PREMIUM, ONLINE:

evergreen or live course
group coaching program
licensing/certification program
corporate training
online community
live (virtual or in-person) event – seminar, bootcamp/challenge, retreat, etc.
or other high-ticket program in 2022

>>>> Join us now! <<<

The PWR15 Club™ Experience

PWR15 Clubs: We Create, Manage, and Scale
High-Ticket Implementation & Accountability Programs
for Premium Personal and Business Brands:

Coaches, Consultants, Thought Leaders, Influencers, Service Providers, Course Creators, Trainers, and Online Community Builders

In the PWR15 Club Experience, you will get an up close look at a unique, done-for-you, high-ticket group coaching, accountability, and community-building model that can stand alone or plug into and enhance any other programs you have – or would like to create.

For already established businesses, simply adding our program to your existing offerings can yield an additional 6-figures in as little as 60-90 days!

This business model has the potential to generate 7-figures annually with the right strategy. It really comes down to what YOU want to create. Anything is possible! 

Tasha Chen
Co-Founder: The Science of Getting Rich Academy

The PWR15 Club Experience is a dual experience:
the business side AND the client side.

As a potential partner or collaborator, it’s imperative to understand both.

You might be thinking, “Why should I even look at this? How is this relevant to me and my business? Is it worth my time?” 

If you are currently offering or about to offer a typical group coaching program, course, mastermind, certification/licensing or membership-style program – which includes some combination of content, calls, coaching, maybe a Facebook group or other type of “forum” >>> you could be doing it better by including a PWR15 Club that will make it unique, much more effective, and which monetizes at a higher price point. It also sets you up for long-term recurring revenue, upsells, renewals, referrals, and more types of repeat and new business.

Statistics show that 93% of people don’t complete online courses and programs. Even those who do, most don’t get the promised or desired results. Even clients who complete and get great results often don’t stick with it when the program ends. The majority of clients and program participants need more to succeed, both during your program and after.

Now what if we could guarantee that close to 100% of your people will meet and exceed their results and expectations while having more help and more fun along the way? We can!

What if we can see clients in action BEFORE we bring them on at higher levels to make sure they’ll show up and do the work, so that we can better vet clients and build a top-shelf track record with amazing social proof. We can!

Not to mention – right now – you are leaving MASSIVE MONEY on the table. You could be earning 5X, 10X or more than you currently do now, just by transitioning to or incorporating a PWR15 Club model into your offerings. I’ll show you how a Club can create more revenue and profits, new streams of revenue, and even passive revenue.

You can do better. Much better.

> If you want to be a premium brand and a leader in your field…
> If you want to get your clients excellent short and long-term results…
> If you want to make more money in less time with less work…

You owe it to yourself, and to your clients, to join the PWR15 Club Experience, even if it’s just from the vantage point of being a savvy entrepreneur who is on the leading edge of up-and-coming business models and for a potential way to make terrific referral income.

Whether we create a PWR15 Club for you or not, what you will learn in the 3 weeks will impact how you design all of your programs and offers for the rest of your business life. You will get better results for your clients and make more money regardless. Just that is worth the time and investment.

Clients pay me thousands just for this guidance alone, even if they don’t end up building a Club with me! 

And as you’ll see below, it’s a very modest investment, because this is an exclusive invitation-only offering. I’m only personally inviting people I feel have the potential to be great collaborators with me, because I want to work with the best!

You wouldn’t jump into a burger franchise without tasting a burger, getting a tour of the operations, and understanding the financials.

Similarly, to fully understand the PWR15 Club model and the opportunity, you need to get on the inside and see for yourself! That is what the PWR15 Experience for Collaborators is all about!!

>>> Read on to learn more about what the PWR15 Experience entails. <<<

What We Cover
The PWR15 Experience: Business Side

Business Model

The PWR15 Club is much bigger than just a software platform and program model. It is a done-with-you / done-for-you business in a box.

Create a small, boutique, high-ticket business or an empire. Or be hands off completely and just refer others for a mostly passive revenue stream. I’ll review the various opportunities and ways we can work together as a Club builder, referral partner or another type of collaborator.


See how The PWR15 Club model can complement and support, enhance and improve upon your content memberships, courses, group coaching, masterminds, online communities, “challenges”, and more.

We’ll dive into your niche and client demographics to specifically address how this would work for you, your market, and your clientele.

Profit Potential

Show me the money! We’ll look at various streams of revenue, profit, and income potential.

I’ll also review how the Club plugs existing holes in your business, such as missed revenue opportunities, improved client retention, payment and contract completion, reduction in chargebacks, improvement in guarantees, upticks in referrals, renewals, and up-levels and more.

The PWR15 Experience: Client Side

The Client Journey

To confidently enter a collaboration or refer others, it’s important for you to have your own PWR15 client experience.

You can get under the hood and kick the tires. You will receive the same coaching, peer support, and accountability Club members receive. You can experience the platform and other Club amenities like our Club-hosted sprints. You’ll also see ways we can tweak and customize the Club to your brand, content, programs, and clients.

The PWR15 Method™

Discover The Power of 15 Method™ that anchors the Club and builds the foundation of habit-building and goal achievement. These principles are based in success methods, cognitive behavior, and positive psychology that most coaches don’t know or practice. The principles are universal and can be applied in all aspects of life.

PWR15™ is the essential secret sauce that is responsible for our amazing Club engagement and member results.

Progress Your Goal

You will implement The PWR15 Method and commit to take small but consistent daily action on a personal or professional goal, project, routine, or habit of your choice.

By the end of the program, you will have moved the ball forward, made significant progress or have potentially completed your task, depending on the size and scope.

Welcome to the January 2022 Session

3 Weeks: January 24 – February 14, 2022

Part 1: Live Kick-Off Call (Required)

January 24, 2022 (3 hours)
12-3 pm Eastern / 9 am-12 noon Pacific

> Meet Michelle and Your Teammates
> Fast-Track Onboarding in the Online Platform
> Goal Selection for the 3 Weeks
> Key Insights Into the Model Before We Start

> What YOU Should Be Looking for During the Process

Part 2: Club Member Experience

Tuesday, January 25 – Sunday, February 13

Required Daily Participation: 30 Minutes a Day, any 5 Days per Week You Choose:

> (15 min) Move Your Top Personal or Professional Goal Forward
> (15 min) Check Into the Club*

*Note: You can check into the Club any time of day that works for you. There is no set time.

Optional (but Highly Encouraged) Office Hours Zooms:

> Friday, January 28: 12-1 pm Eastern / 9 am-12 noon Pacific
> Friday, February 4: 12-1 pm Eastern / 9 am-12 noon Pacific
> Friday, February 11: 12-1 pm Eastern / 9 am-12 noon Pacific

On these calls I brainstorm and give laser coaching. It’s also an opportunity to mastermind and peer coach with others. To get the maximum value of this program, come if you can.

Part 3: PWR15™ Mini-Course for Collaborators

> 10 Quick Video Lessons – 15 Minutes or Less Each

This course reveals why 93% of clients don’t complete courses, group coaching, and other online programs and how you can change that! We also dive deeper into the “behind-the-scenes” of PWR15 Clubs and how they create amazing, experiential, results-driven group programs.

This information will help guide you in every other offer you create, whether it includes a PWR15 Club or not. These are pre-recorded and can be done anytime in the 3-week period.

Part 4: Live Masterclass & Next Steps (Required)

Monday, February 14, 2022
12-3 pm Eastern / 9 am-12 noon Pacific

> Key Takeaways and Q&A
> We’ll Build Your Program on the Spot! (PRICELESS!)
> Ways to Collaborate and Next Steps


You’ll receive The Power of 15Short Course – yours to keep!

What Partners and Collaborators say …

I created a Club for one of my coaching games, and I was able to turn my $47 game into a $300 per month (per member) game experience! I also bundled the Club with my high-ticket programs to add value, raise my fees, and improve my clients’ results.

I’ve been working with Michelle in this unique Club format for years, and I love what it can do for my business and my clients.

Jean Berry
Game Inventor Mentor & Play Coach

We launched my Club within 4 weeks, and I enrolled over 50 clients into my membership in my first offering! I more than made back my investment right out of the gate. I had a team of coaches leading my groups for me, so I did not have to be involved in the day-to-day running and could stay high-level.

It was amazing to see all of the different projects my clients were working on and their transformations. Plus, the members really bonded as a community. People enrolled again and again. This works, and Michelle knows what she’s doing!

Andy Dooley
Manifesting Expert

I generated 6-figures in revenue as a referral partner and sponsor, just in the first year! That income keeps growing as Club clients continue to invest in my programs, products, and services.

By far, partnering with Michelle and PWR15 Clubs is one of the best investments I have made in my business.

Tasha Chen
Money Mastery Coach

… And here are just a handful of ACTUAL Club Members and their results.
(Imagine these are YOUR clients and referrals.)

> Imagine getting these types of results and this level of client satisfaction for YOUR people.
> Imagine that people don’t just buy your programs but actually implement and COMPLETE.
> Imagine attracting quality, high-achieving clients who invest in themselves and do the work.
> Imagine raising your fees, the profits, the retention, renewals, the up-levels, and referrals.
> Imagine the social proof that raises your authority and the visibility and quality of your brand.
> Imagine offering something so different and unique that you stand out from the crowd.
> Imagine having something that is scalable and done-for-you and that can be launched quickly.
> Imagine building something that can turn into mostly passive revenue and a salable asset.

Note: We are currently wrapping up a wildly successful, 12-week, $100K pilot program in CORPORATE.

The PWR15 Club has a multitude of high-level, scalable corporate and organizational applications. I’ll be sharing our specific results during The PWR15 Experience!

I’ve been in online courses and group programs for over 20 years.
Bottom line (IMO): this is the best wealth-building, results-driven, online group model in the industry.

I have been developing and perfecting the PWR15 Club model over the last five years.

I’ve had over 500 members, working on everything under the sun from business to personal development. The Club is a proven model for engagement and results.

As you see with the testimonials above, I’ve helped coaches and thought leaders build their Clubs to prove it can work for others (and it does – in spades!).

A Club can be just a referral-based revenue stream, an add-on to existing programs, or an entire business by itself. There are endless possibilities to build groups that both you and your clients will love.

These groups can bring you joy and fulfillment in your purpose as well as financial and time freedom. You will be changing lives and making great money – the best of both worlds!

Please join us in the next PWR15 Club Experience so you can experience this exciting group format and the possibilities of how you can grow your business.

I look forward to sharing this with you!

Warmest regards,

Michelle Demers

Learn more about how we can create a customizable
PWR15 Club that generates revenue and results.

With my special, personal invitation,
The PWR15 Club Experience for Collaborators
is just $197.

Why so little? It’s not about making a profit on this offer, it’s about giving us the opportunity to work together, get to know each other, and mutually explore business opportunities. I’m only inviting serious potential partners and collaborators. I’m keeping the investment low because I know many of you will go on to collaborate with me in some way, shape, or form.

You can put this $197 towards any future work we do together. You can also ask for your money back if you successfully complete the program but don’t feel you received the value.

Either way, it’s a no-risk investment to investigate this unique business model that can generate 6 and 7-figures for your business.

IMPORTANT: Your full participation is required (above I clearly lay out the required aspects and time commitment). This is not a “sit on the sidelines and just be a passive observer” program!

Registration NOW OPEN.
Registration CLOSES Saturday, January 22, 2022.

Want more information? In this webinar, I dive DEEP into the model and the opportunities.

PWR15 Club Collaborator — Full-Length Webinar

In this video I cover:
> The PWR15 Method and Club Model
> Various Applications: Niches, Types of Programs, and More
> Real Client Examples with Numbers
> How PWR15 is Different and Gets Results
> How This Model Solves Common Problems with Online Courses & Group Programs
> How this Model Scales in a Done-With-You / Done-For-You Way
> Ways to Collaborate and More

Just 38 minutes @ 2X the speed:
click PLAY and then click the GEAR ICON at the bottom right of the video.

While in the video, I say to “book a conversation,”
the next step is to sign up for The PWR15 Club Experience for Collaborators.

Going through the experience will give depth and understanding to our conversation where we can talk specifics and make informed decisions.

Please join us in our January program!
Questions? Email us at pwr15club@gmail.com.

Registration NOW OPEN.
Registration CLOSES Saturday, January 22, 2022.

Note: I take very few partners during a year, and I don’t know if or when I’ll be offering the PWR15 Club Experience again. Please join us now if you can.

Questions? Email us at pwr15club@gmail.com.