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Wednesday, April 27, 2022
1-2:30 pm Eastern / 10-11:30 am Pacific
(Come if you can. A recording will be available.)

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3-Month Investment Options

3-Month Program Dates:
April 27, 2022 to August 5, 2022

(Includes the 2 FREE Bonus Weeks: April 27-May 11)

Choose the 3-month option if you want to get a feel for the Club and program before making a longer-term commitment. 3 months is enough time to see a lot of progress and results.

It takes a minimum of 3 months to form habits with sticking power – and for some – it takes longer. You can renew if you’d like to continue. (Many of our members stay for years!)

3 Months

One Payment – Save $94!

Additional APRIL ONLY Pay-In-Full Perks:
(1) 30-min free private coaching session

3 Months

3 Easy Monthly Payments

Note: These are our Founding Member rates and the lowest amount that will be offered for this program.
Prices are subject to increase once we’ve hit our Founding Member maximum enrollment.
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6-Month Investment Options

6-Month Program Dates:
April 27, 2022 to November 4, 2022

(Includes the 2 FREE Bonus Weeks: April 27-May 11)

Choose the 6-month option if you want to see and feel a major transformation and really cement your new lifestyle habits with longer-term implementation and support.

Members who want to make big changes that last a lifetime commit for 6 months to start. You can renew if you’d like to continue. (Many of our members stay for years!)

6 Months

One Payment:
Save $231!

Additional APRIL ONLY Pay-In-Full Perks:
(3) 30-min free private coaching sessions
Lock in your rate for renewals through 2023!

6 Months

6 Easy Monthly Payments
Save $60 over the 3-Month Option

Note: These are our Founding Member rates and the lowest amount that will be offered for this program.
Prices are subject to increase once we’ve hit our Founding Member maximum enrollment.
Don’t wait – join today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to do more than 15 minutes a day on my health goals?

You can. 15 minutes is just the minimum. Some of our members spend only 15 minutes a day and others spend hours a day; it depends on your goals, timeline, and a few other factors. We coach you on finding what works best for you.

What time of day do I have to check-in to the Club?
You can do your daily online check-in any time of day that works for your schedule - morning, mid-day, or evening. You have freedom and flexibility. We have people participating all over the world across a multitude of time zones. So people will be checking in all throughout the day.
What if I have different health interests or goals than others?
Everyone will have customized goals and action plans! You can choose whatever health-related goals you want. While we do focus on the 6 Core Pillars, you can declare ANY health goals you want.
What if I have no idea what my goals are, what to do or where to start?
Even if you don't know where to start, we know how to help you start. As you get more into the program, you'll get more clarity on your goals, priorities, and direction, and then we just adapt! (No one has it all figured out!)
I'm already working with other health coaches and health professionals. Is this redundant or a conflict?
No conflict or redundancy at all. Actually, it's a perfect fit! They are helping you with specific goals and action steps; we are helping you implement those in a consistent way and form new habits.

Many health professionals send their clients to us for this reason and/or have their clients enrolled in our program simultaneously.

I'm a health coach or health professional - can we work together with my program and clients?

YES! There are many ways for us to work together, for the betterment of your clients, and the advancement of your business! Please inquire at: michelle@pwr15.com

Are you prescribing a specific diet that I have to follow?

NO, we don't prescribe a specific diet. You tell us how you want to eat, and we'll help you build an action and habit plan around that way of eating to get results. 

A Club philosophy and universal principle that most health professionals can agree is that a healthy diet consists of a majority of whole foods and a minimum of processed foods.

We have Club members following vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, the Mediterranean diet ... the list goes on. Some members also use Weight Watchers or Noom for nutrition and portion guidelines. You can do Beach Body, Isagenix, Optavia or similar diet programs. Or just eat how you normally eat and watch your portions and treat foods.

Whatever you choose, we do recommend that you do your research, choose proven and safe methods, and consult your doctor, nutritionist, certified health coach, or other health professional if you need more specific guidance on the *right* diet for you. If you don't know where to start, we can make recommendations to get you going.

I'm already using Weight Watchers, Noom or another diet program app to track. How is this different?

Those tools and apps can be used in conjunction with our program, but they don't replace our program.

For example, I (Michelle) used the Weight Watchers app to track my food and points, but I used the Club for my habit building, processing, accountability, support, and more.

While WW, Noom, and other such programs / apps / communities offer coaching and forums, etc. >>> what we offer is much deeper, richer, and more personalized. We focus a lot on the mindset and habit-building elements. We are there for you DAILY. It's hard to describe, but once you are in, you will see the difference.

I'm in a Health Facebook Group - how is this different / better?
You may belong to Facebook groups around various health topics of interest or even other coaching programs. What we offer takes it to a whole new level. In a large Facebook group, people won't notice if you are showing up or not. With us, you can't slip through the cracks. It's a level of support you won't find elsewhere.

You can still participate in those groups of course - but they don't take the place of what we offer.

I already have an accountability partner. Do I need more accountability?

Usually accountability partners meet weekly. Weekly accountability is NOT sufficient: Habits are created or lost by consistent DAILY action, which requires DAILY accountability.

Family and Friends Don't Make the Best Accountability Partners: Accountability partnerships can inadvertently strain important or delicate relationships. Family and friends are also not trained in success and habit formation principles and don't have the systems and methods to help you.

Program Accountability Partner Pairings Are a Slippery Slope: Have you ever had an accountability partner you didn't mesh with, and it brought you down? We have Teams of 6 to 12 people, ensuring that you'll really jive with at least a few. It isn't up to you to pull others' weight; WE provide the accountability, so you can stay peers, taking the pressure and responsibility off you.

Remember, it's not just accountability that we are providing - our process helps you really understand your own behavior in a way that just reporting your progress to another person doesn't. It goes much deeper which is why it works so well!

Can both men and women join? What about non-USA residents?
The Foundational Health Program is for WOMEN ONLY, age 21 and over. You can live anywhere in the world, however, you must be able to speak and write fluent English.
Can I be on the same Team as my friend? Can I bring a whole group?

About 99% of the time, we can place you and your friend on the same Team. If you have 6 or more friends, it may be possible for us to create your very own Team(s)! Please contact us to discuss ahead of enrollment. If you have a much larger group (10, 50, 100+), please contact us at michelle@pwr15.com to work out the details. We can work with groups of any size. Thanks!

I'm not a "Team" person. Can you work with people individually?

Yes. Instead of being part of a Team, we can work with you individually. We do really advocate for the Team experience. It adds a lot more richness. You can always start there, and we can move you into an individual program if you don't find it working for you. If you have more questions about this, contact us at: michelle@pwr15.com

I find learning and using technology difficult. Is the Club platform hard to use?
Most people who are technology-challenged are able to learn and use the system. We offer tutorial videos as well as live help calls to get you up and running.

NO RISK TRIAL: If you don't feel comfortable with the technology, you can withdraw during the first 7 days in the program for a full refund.

The daily journaling and tracking is not something I enjoy or have stuck with in the past. Should I join?
YES - YOU SHOULD JOIN if you are committed to overcoming your resistance to writing down your progress because your life and health mean more to you than your resistance. It can actually become a daily practice you come to love and enjoy.

NO - YOU SHOULD NOT JOIN if doing the online check-ins is more than you are willing to do to change your life. You cannot do this program without doing this element.

When are the Coaching Calls and Health Sprints scheduled? If I can't attend, should I still join?
Our calls are currently scheduled on Tuesdays at 3 pm Eastern / 12 noon Pacific. However, days and times are subject to change at ANY TIME. Sprints are scheduled at all different times throughout the week.

We serve people all over the world, and not everyone can make the calls and sprints. You still should absolutely join the program. Coaching calls are recorded, so you won't miss what's shared. You will still have a wonderful experience and great results in the program.

What are the participation requirements? Can I take time off?
Your daily time commitment is:

> 15 minutes for your Club check-in process.
> 15 minutes or more on your health goals.

Our weekly coaching calls (60 minutes) and sprints (various times) are optional but recommended. Come when you can!

In our initial orientation period, you will be putting in more time upfront to learn the system and our methods. But after that, you'll get into a daily routine where you'll have your health goals and check-in times scheduled.

A healthy lifestyle requires DAILY intention and commitment. We don't take days off of check-ins, unless it's a very extreme circumstance like an illness, bereavement, or if you happen to be on a trip to the Amazon rainforest and can't get an internet connection.

The whole idea of this program is that NOTHING is more important for your health; you must put your health first every day. Habits can be won or lost in a single day. Therefore, the daily check-ins are essential.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept most major credit and debit cards. We don't take PayPal. The currency we bill in is US dollars. If you need an alternate form of payment, please contact us.
Is this a tax-deductible or reimbursable expense? Can I use my Health Spending Account to pay for this?

If you are able to deduct health expenses from your taxes or utilize your Health Spending Account to pay for this program, those would be questions for your accountant or health benefits provider. We are happy to provide any documentation you need in order to claim it. Just let us know.

What are your membership terms, refund and cancellation policies, and guarantees?


For New, First-Time Club Members Only: 14-Day Trial Period (Day 1 = our first kick-off call + the following 13 calendar days).

As long as you participate fully in the 14 days > attend calls and complete ALL of your daily check-ins, you can withdraw and request a full refund in writing if you feel the program is not for you.

If you are not participating fully - not attending calls, skipping check-ins, not putting in a full effort, then you are not eligible for a refund.

After 14 days, there is no refund, regardless of your participation level.

On a case-by-case basis, in the event of extreme circumstances (severe injury, illness, etc.), we may, at our sole discretion, provide a temporary freeze or partial refund. This is the exception, not the rule, and it is not guaranteed.

We maintain a strict policy on withdrawals and refunds because it's common human behavior for people to look for wiggle room and outs when it comes to habit changes and accountability. Having an easy escape hatch doesn't serve you. When you make a commitment to join, you are making a commitment to yourself, and we help you keep that!

Results Guarantee: Everyone who fully participates and applies themselves makes progress and gets results! We don't provide absolute guarantees because it's dependent on your action, commitment, attitude, and how closely you follow our systems and methods. YOU are your best guarantee! You get out what you put in. We share member results to show you what's possible - but they should not be taken as guarantees on what you will achieve. That is up to you!

Client Satisfaction Guarantee: Of course client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If we have failed to deliver or have dropped the ball, we will do everything we can to make it right.

I can't participate right now. When does the next session start?

Send us an email at michelle@pwr15.com to be added to our email announcement list for future enrollment openings.

But remember, there is never a perfect time to start. If you are waiting for a better time, or for another reason, chances are, it's your own resistance getting in your way. Ask yourself why you are waiting and be honest. Is it that it's not a good time, or is it that you are afraid to change and procrastinating? That's the kind of thinking and behavior that has prevented you from reaching your health goals. It's better to join sooner than later!

I have more questions and need to speak with someone. How do I get in touch with you?

Send us an email at michelle@pwr15.com! We'll aim to get back to you the same day or following morning (Eastern Time). You can also attend one of our Meet and Greet Info Sessions! See below.

Questions? michelle@pwr15.com.

Potential Program Participants and
Health and Wellness Coaches and Service Providers:

Join us on an upcoming 30-minute Information / Q&A Session!

(Information sessions are optional - you do not need to attend to join our program!)