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Quick Overview: The PWR15 Club Model

The Club gets your clients to quickly and consistently TAKE ACTION and IMPLEMENT.
They will stick with the process LONG-TERM to reach their goals and get RESULTS.

The Club builds daily habits, practices, and routines that lead to incredible client transformations!

The Club is an experiential group format that requires little to no content, so you don’t have to be an ongoing content generation machine.

It’s also a great complement and booster to content-based programs as the “get-it-done” and accountability component.

Here’s how it works!

1. Your client chooses a goal or project.

The Club can work with ANY topic; the client’s goal or project is whatever they are working on with you. Examples include: completing courses and trainings, making sales, losing weight, or writing a book.

2. Your client is assigned a coach and team.

You can be the coach or have a coaching team lead groups for you. You can also just send your clients to us, and we can run the groups. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

3. Your client takes consistent daily action on their goal or project and checks in on their progress.

Click the checkmark to view and comment on your client’s daily progress report. (I review this in greater detail in the video.)

Most of our programs are designed for daily check-ins, which build daily success practices, as well as create an ideal environment for coaching, accountability, and community.

Team size and check-in frequency can be customized to the needs of your group.

This grid is of a REAL group. This level of engagement, progress, and completion is TYPICAL.

[PS: The clients check-in daily, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO.]

4. You achieve leverage, scale, and client results!

Because others can lead your groups, and because you can see exactly where EVERY client is EVERY day at a glance, you’ve just created LEVERAGE and SCALE!

You can also automate most of your marketing and enrollment to save time and energy.

Serve 10, 100, or 1000+ members. Charge $200 or $2,000+ per month per member – it’s up to you!

Create short-term, long-term, or ongoing, recurring membership formats. Offer the Club by itself or combine it with courses, masterminds, Facebook and other groups and communities, and more.

Team 1

Team 2 …

… Team 100

I consult on strategy and design to create the perfect program, format, and pricing – you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Busy? Want to get up and running fast? We also have done-for-you options. Just bring the people, and we do the rest!

The Club’s 8 Keys to Success

Mentors and experts like Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, and others agree:
ALL of these TOGETHER are ESSENTIAL for success!

Just a few of the many benefits of a Club …

The Club is an engine INCREASING SALES of ALL of your products and services
and creates opportunities for NEW STREAMS OF INCOME.

With this system, you can elevate and enhance the client experience. You can guarantee results (based on clients doing the work), raise your fees, and make sales at your higher prices more easily.

Client retention and referrals increase; many clients will re-up and up-level.

With the proper strategy, it can become a mostly passive business. (I can show you how!)

Stay on or get off social media for paid groups. It’s your choice!

Do you love and want to keep your Facebook / LinkedIn groups, membership site, and content delivery platforms? Have you spent time and money perfecting what you have and don’t want to rock the boat?

No problem, just add the check-in piece.


Are you frustrated with Facebook’s ever-changing rules, unilaterally deciding what you can and cannot post, or worse, dismantling your groups without notice? (It happens!)

Do you want to take back control, get off social media for your paid groups, save money, and consolidate all of your other platforms into one?

You can with a Club!

The Club model is perfect for coach certification programs.

Keep your Club small and boutique; you can easily coach 30-50 clients on your own (very part-time).


You can train others in your content and methods and grow a coaching team so you can stay high-level.

Many coach certification programs just offer training. licensing, and credentials, but the newly minted coaches are on their own to build their own businesses and get clients.

With a Club, you have the option of hiring those coaches. If trainees know they can make money during and/or after training, it makes your certification MORE valuable and desirable.

You can charge more for it and get better quality people.

What clients say …

I created a Club for one of my coaching games, and I was able to turn my $47 game into a $300 per month (per member) game experience! I also bundled the Club with my high-ticket programs to add value, raise my fees, and improve my clients’ results.

I’ve been working with Michelle in this unique Club format for years, and I love what it can do for my business and my clients.

Jean Berry
Game Inventor Mentor & Play Coach

We launched my Club within 4 weeks, and I enrolled over 50 clients into my membership in my first offering! I more than made back my investment right out of the gate. I had a team of coaches leading my groups for me, so I did not have to be involved in the day-to-day running and could stay high-level.

It was amazing to see all of the different projects my clients were working on and their transformations. Plus, the members really bonded as a community. People enrolled again and again. This works, and Michelle knows what she’s doing!

Andy Dooley
Manifesting Expert

I generated 6-figures in revenue as a referral partner and sponsor, just in the first year! That income keeps growing as Club clients continue to invest in my programs, products, and services.

By far, partnering with Michelle and PWR15 Clubs is one of the best investments I have made in my business.

Tasha Chen
Money Mastery Coach

A little about me …

Hi, I’m Michelle!

For the past 15 years, I’ve created, launched, and run online courses, communities, Facebook groups, memberships, and other group formats.

In the last 4 years, I have been developing, testing, and perfecting the PWR15 Club model.

I’ve had hundreds of members in my Clubs with engagement and results that have far exceeded my expectations (and theirs).

As you see with the testimonials above, I’ve helped coaches and experts build their Clubs to prove it can work for others (and it does – in spades!).

A Club can be just a referral-based revenue stream, an add-on to existing programs, or an entire business by itself. We can run the groups or you can. There are endless possibilities to build groups that both you and your clients will love.

These groups can bring you joy and fulfillment in your purpose as well as financial and time freedom. You will be changing lives and making great money – the best of both worlds!

Please make sure to sign up for my video, where you can see actual examples to spark ideas in your business and so we can stay in touch. There are take-aways in the video that you can implement in your existing groups today!

I look forward to getting to know you.

Warmest regards,

Michelle Demers

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