1) Did you see our page that describes the PWR15 Club Group Model?

2) Did you see our VIDEO that shows how you can leverage and scale your business with it?

Those 2 items will provide the context and info you need to understand the Experience.

2-Week PWR15 Club Experience

for Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Service Providers, Course Creators, and Online Community Builders

Experience a proven, group coaching and community-building model
that can scale your business 6-figures even in your first year!

Welcome to the February 2021 Session

February 8 – February 22, 2021

Part 1: Live Kick-Off Call

Monday, February 8
2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific
(2 hours)

> Meet Michelle & your Teammates
> Fast-track onboarding
> Account set-up and platform tour
> Goal selection for the 2 weeks
> Key insights into the model before we start

Part 2: 2-Week Club Member Experience

Tuesday, February 9 – Sunday, February 21
(30-45 minutes per day, 5+ days per week)

> Experience The Power of 15 Method on your goal:
> (15 min) Work on your goal 15+ minutes daily
> (15 min) Check into the Club for coaching and accountability

Part 3: High-Performance Online Groups Course

(Short modules: 5-15 minutes daily)

> Quick video lessons applicable to all groups (not just the Club)
> Content design and delivery for implementation
> Creating an accountability culture online
> Community-building techniques
> Keys to client results and transformations
> Using Facebook and social media (or not) for paid groups
> and more!

Part 4: Live (Virtual) Masterclass / Workshop

Monday, February 22, 2021
2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific
(2-3 hours depending on Q&A)

> Specific uses and applications of the model
> Pricing and revenue generation examples
> Is this model right for you?
> Q&A
> Options for working with Michelle and PWR15 Clubs

*Plus These 2 BONUSES*

(You’ll get immediately on registration!)

Access to Our Private Focusmate Group
& Club-Hosted Group Sprints

The Power of 15
Short Course

What clients say …

I created a Club for one of my coaching games, and I was able to turn my $47 game into a $300 per month (per member) game experience! I also bundled the Club with my high-ticket programs to add value, raise my fees, and improve my clients’ results.

I’ve been working with Michelle in this unique Club format for years, and I love what it can do for my business and my clients.

Jean Berry
Game Inventor Mentor & Play Coach

We launched my Club within 4 weeks, and I enrolled over 50 clients into my membership in my first offering! I more than made back my investment right out of the gate. I had a team of coaches leading my groups for me, so I did not have to be involved in the day-to-day running and could stay high-level.

It was amazing to see all of the different projects my clients were working on and their transformations. Plus, the members really bonded as a community. People enrolled again and again. This works, and Michelle knows what she’s doing!

Andy Dooley
Manifesting Expert

I generated 6-figures in revenue as a referral partner and sponsor, just in the first year! That income keeps growing as Club clients continue to invest in my programs, products, and services.

By far, partnering with Michelle and PWR15 Clubs is one of the best investments I have made in my business.

Tasha Chen
Money Mastery Coach

This is the best wealth-building, results-driven, online coaching model that I have seen in my 20 years in the industry.

I have been developing and perfecting the PWR15 Club model over the last four years.

I’ve had hundreds of members in my Clubs with engagement and results that have far exceeded my expectations (and theirs).

As you see with the testimonials above, I’ve helped coaches and experts build their Clubs to prove it can work for others (and it does – in spades!).

A Club can be just a referral-based revenue stream, an add-on to existing programs, or an entire business by itself. We can run the groups or you can. There are endless possibilities to build groups that both you and your clients will love.

These groups can bring you joy and fulfillment in your purpose as well as financial and time freedom. You will be changing lives and making great money – the best of both worlds!

Please join us in the next PWR15 Club Experience so you can experience this exciting group format and the possibilities of how you can grow your business.

I look forward to sharing this with you!

Warmest regards,

Michelle Demers

Benefits of The 2-Week Experience

Get the inside view as BOTH a member AND a leader.

Club Member Benefits

> Have a Club Member experience to understand your client’s journey in the Club
> Make measurable, daily progress on one of YOUR important goals or projects
> Build and improve on your own daily success habits, goal achievement, and time management
> Maximize your productivity in all aspects of life (during and after) with The PWR15 Method
> Get your work done on our Focusmate and Club-hosted group sprints
> Make some new, awesome professional contacts with your Teammates

Club Leader Benefits

> Experience the platform software in the PWR15 Club model already set up for you
> Gain valuable insights on running ANY TYPE of online courses, groups, and programs
> See new ways and opportunities to earn a significant income doing what you love
> Get ideas for enhancements to improve efficacy in existing programs
> Map out Club options that can fit with what you do or build a brand new business
> Create *realistic* growth and revenue projections to see what’s possible!

All of this for just $97!

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