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The PWR15 Club Model

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In this video I cover … 

Michelle Demers, MBA
Business Strategist, Group Design Expert, and Success Coach
Founder of High-Performance Online Groups™
Creator of The Power of 15 Method™ & PWR15 Clubs™

Why DAILY support is CRITICAL for client transformation and results
How to make sure ALL clients succeed and NO ONE falls through the cracks
The Power of Small Gains and the keys to getting clients to do the work
What you are giving away that is a HUGE lost money opportunity
How a PWR15 Club can add value to existing courses, programs, and groups
How a PWR15 Club generates 6-figures with just ONE small group
How to make great money, part-time, in 10 hours or less per week
How to get off the income roller coaster with longer-term programs
How to build a coaching team and a passive revenue business
5 ways to start making money with PWR15 Clubs
How to quickly monetize your free and low-ticket courses and groups
Actual Club Member results
Actual Club Builder & Referral Partner results
An opportunity to experience PWR15 Clubs for yourself!

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