Hi, I’m Michelle Demers, MBA, CEO & Founder of The Power of 15™ (PWR15™ for short!) and a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. I specialize in goal achievement, productivity, and accountability coaching, as well as building online transformational communities. I also consult other coaches, consultants, trainers, corporations and organizations in how to improve engagement and results in their online courses and communities.

I’ve taken hundreds of people through my Power of 15 program with amazing results! I look forward to helping you do the same.

As a coach for the past 19 years, I witnessed time and again, how clients would be given all of the information, tools, and resources, yet they would fail to take action and get results between coaching calls. Also I saw clients buy lots of courses and programs, yet not be able to complete them. 

What I realized is that people know what to work on, but they don’t know HOW to work on it. Most people don’t have the necessary success habits in place to be able to achieve consistently. And they need much more accountability, support, and feedback than many coaches and programs are able to offer.

So I developed The Power of 15: Move Mountains in 15 Minutes per Day, a short course that taught people how to work in highly productive 15-minute cycles.

I like 15-minute cycles because they are easy to fit into your day, and given the shortening attention span we as a society have, it helps us work in a highly-focused and efficient manner for short bursts of time, just like HIIT: high-intensity interval training.

Also, if you only have 15 minutes, then you can get something worthwhile done. If you have more time, then great! Use the 15-minute cycles to stay highly productive and get more done in less time! 

The 15-minute concept is easy to grasp and implement. It’s a perfect tool for chronic procrastinators because it’s a small enough amount of time that they’ll get started. It’s also great for high achievers who want to take their productivity to a whole new level.

Everyone can find 15 minutes (or more) in their day to move their Wildly Important Goal forward. That’s why it’s so successful!

I created The PWR15 Club, to create an environment of accountability, coaching, and community around The Power of 15 method, and the combination has been phenomenal!

Our member success stories we share on the website are just a handful of the hundreds of happy members who have made more progress with us than in anything else they’ve done to date. I look forward to connecting with you in The PWR15 Club!

On a personal note, I live and work from the Greater Boston Area. I’m Mom to Birch, my beloved Tibetan terrier and a doting Auntie to 4 nephews, ages 11 to 4. I coach youth soccer, and I enjoy karaoke, hiking, and photography. I’m a foodie and love trying different restaurants, dishes, and cuisines, and I have a passion for wildlife conservation and environmental issues. Before becoming a coach and entrepreneur, my career path was marine biology. Talk about career path twists and turns! There’s a lot more to me, and I look forward to sharing more and getting to know you!

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