Michelle Demers, MBA

Creator of PWR15 Clubs™ &
The Power of 15 Method™

Hi, I’m Michelle. Nice to meet you!

I’ve been a business strategist and success coach for 20 years, helping other coaches, consultants, service providers, and online businesses to create, launch, and run a variety of online courses, programs, and groups.

As a coach myself, I noticed clients struggled to get the work done between our weekly calls and in online programs. This wasn’t just happening to me – this is a universal issue in the industry.

On average, less than 10% of people in online programs finish, implement, and get any type of positive, measurable result.

The problem is clients don’t just need WHAT to work on – they also need a system for HOW to work on it.

For real transformation to occur, people need to take action and implement on a DAILY basis. They need the structure and support to do it consistently to build the underlying habits that will see them through to the end. These elements are often insufficient or missing in most programs. A Facebook group that serves as the support and community aspect for online programs just isn’t enough for most clients, and they get lost in the program.

The Power of 15 Method & PWR15 Clubs combination is the solution.

It’s not just the solution for the client (Club Member), but it’s also the solution for the coach / consultant / course creator. The Club model is a scalable business model that gets results, and it can fit with any other program.

The Power of 15 Method and Clubs also have applications in larger businesses and organizations. Especially with current world events and the growing remote workforce, creating an online employee community with high productivity and accountability is critical.

In the last 5 years that I’ve been teaching The Power of 15 Method and running PWR15 Clubs:

> I’ve helped hundreds of Club members build daily success habits, get their most important goals and projects done, and achieve amazing results.

> I’ve helped other coaches, consultants, and course creators boost profits and results in their programs by adding The Power of 15 Method and PWR15 Clubs components.

> I’ve supported those in corporate to achieve more productivity and financial success in their jobs, improving bottom line results for their companies and organizations.

Therefore, I’ve made The Power of 15 Method and PWR15 Clubs my life’s work, and I look forward to helping thousands more!

I would welcome the opportunity to explore how I could serve you. Click on one of the paths below to learn more!

A Trifecta!

“I have worked closely with Michelle for the past 3 years:

1) As a PWR15 Club member working on my own Wildly Important Goals.
2) As a Club Partner hosting my own clients and groups in the Club.
3) As a coaching and business strategy client, with planning my products and services, marketing strategies, and more.

The Power of 15 Method really works, and PWR15 Clubs offer a truly unique experience in the world of online programs and communities. Michelle’s coaching and consulting have helped me generate new ideas and grow my business in ways I didn’t imagine.

I love working with her and look forward to bringing more clients and groups to PWR15 Clubs.”

Jean Berry
Intuitive Business Guide & Game Inventor Mentor