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The Power of 15™ is a gift! Since beginning the Club with Michelle, I have used PWR15 to grow my coaching business and to get beyond my [imagined] resistance to things like making calls. Consistent action with accountability and 15-minute focused segments has shown me that I actually DO want to make my calls. And I do them!

I have also used the Club for accountability on my well-being – doing things like actually lying down during the day to rest, in 15-minute segments. I get to be both highly functioning in the business world AND restful and healthy in spirit. I highly recommend the PWR15 Club for focus, growth, connection, inspiration, and plenty of surprises. It’s full of benefits.

I have upleveled my business and my community by taking consistent action each day and checking in with my team. I also use PWR15™ all over my life to do things more productively and quickly, like packing for trips, exercising, and taking action on the ubiquitous stack of mail. It’s a surprisingly simple concept that can be applied to anything, and it’s a life-changer.

Carin Channing, MSW
Channing Communications
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