About Our Community

The Power of 15™ Community is composed of people who appreciate both the practical tips and tools as well as the necessary personal growth work to become the people they know they can be.

We combine systems and processes grounded in productivity and success science with a conscious, mindful approach. We not only focus on the mechanics of getting things done, but we also work on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves that are the true foundation of our success.

About Our Coaches

All of our Coaches started out as members. You can’t coach what you don’t know, and you can’t lead others where you’ve never been. They are experts at using The Power of 15 and helping others do the same.

All coaches are also simultaneously enrolled as members, where they continue to work on their own goals and dreams. They walk their talk and continue to gain valuable experience and wisdom they can impart to members.

If you’d like to coach with us, the first step is to be a member and have your own experience. Join us!


Who Our Members Are

Our members are a diverse mix of:

> entrepreneurs and small business owners
> coaches and consultants
> health and wellness professionals
> writers, artists, and creatives
> those who work in corporate life
> retirees
> full-time parents
> life-long learners and personal growth enthusiasts

 — Some members enter as chronic procrastinators and perfectionists, stuck, unfocused and overwhelmed, who are looking to break the cycle and become the high achievers they know they are capable of being.

— Others come in as already, self-described high achievers, to be in a high performance environment, where they can up-level and gain even more mastery over their time, life, goals and dreams.

What Our Members Are Working On

Members work on a variety of goals and projects, here is a small sample:

> building their businesses and making sales
> writing blogs and books
> completing online courses and trainings
> looking for jobs or planning their retirements
> building or organizing their homes
> planning personal and professional events and travel
> pursuing weight loss, health, and fitness goals
> developing daily meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices
> working on their artistic pursuits and hobbies
> improving their romantic relationships and parenting skills
> having more fun in their lives
> checking the boxes on their “love their life” list

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your goal is. The PWR15 Club can not only help you achieve your goal, but ultimately help you become the person you want to be, to take your time back, to live on your terms, and to create the life of your dreams. 

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