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I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is!

“I thoroughly enjoy assisting our members in their goals and projects and sharing in their wins and successes. The Club has helped me further hone my coaching skills in addition to creating an income opportunity doing something I love. I’m so glad to be a part of it!” 

Dr. Angi K. Orobko, PWR15 Club Coach

Coming soon! Summer 2020

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Get trained as a PWR15 Coach and lead our Daily Achievement Teams!

Work from home and make your own schedule. You can run a Team in just a few hours a week; run multiple Teams and make more! If you are a coach already, it’s a great way to build your own coaching business, and you’ll learn coaching techniques that will help you with your clients!

But you do not have to be a credentialed coach to join us; we’ll train you. We are looking for people with talent with teaching and mentoring, great people skills, comfort with technology, and good writing and communication skills.

To date, ALL of our coaches started as PWR15™ Club members first, learning The Power of 15™ and how the Club works by working the process. We invite you to join us in an upcoming session of The PWR15 Club.


Are you a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, service provider or expert in your field?

Do you already have a book, online course, workshop, mastermind group, coaching or training program, content membership site, Facebook/LinkedIn group, or online community? 

The PWR15 Club is a perfect, done-for you, turn-key program that fits with your offerings. You teach them what to do, and we’ll help them get it done! Vastly improve client satisfaction, results, and repeat business, while generating an additional, recurring income stream that can be mostly or completely passive.


Earn commissions helping us build The PWR15 Club.

Help us connect with and enroll Club Members, Coaches, Partners, Sponsors, and Affiliates. Earn referral fees on Corporate and Organizational Programs.

This is a virtual, work-from-home opportunity for people who love to network and enjoy sales. If you already have contacts in specific industries, you can be on a fast track to making great money. The sky is the limit as a Builder!


Become a recommended product and/or service provider.

We do carefully vet our sponsors to make sure they have excellent reputations and track records, great products and services, top-notch customer service, and relevance to the Wildly Important Goals our members are working on.

We’ll list you in our vendor directory, include you in our marketing and promotions, and make personal referrals.


If you have an online business with subscribers, followers, members or customers, create an instant, additional revenue stream. 

If you have an email list, blog, online community, Facebook or LinkedIn group, YouTube Channel, etc., you can earn money with us as an affiliate. We will have links, banners, and email copy for you to direct traffic our way.

Let us help you grow your business!

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