This changes lives.

“I’ve done a lot of personal development and growth programs. This, by far, was the most transformational program I’ve ever participated in!

My daily focus and practices revolved around my mental and emotional wellbeing. I focused on creating a daily joy practice, and the Club helped me stay “in the zone.”

The changes, breakthroughs, and success of the entire Team, individually and collectively, were phenomenal. It was so great to share in everyone’s progress.”

Natasha Lindor
Corporate Consultant

I finally put all of the pieces together.

“I participated in the PWR15 Conscious Health Club focusing on better wellness habits, through nutrition, self-care, movement, and sleep.

The daily accountability kept me focused and the tracking helped me be more conscious and present to make better choices for my health goals.

The connection with the other women in the group was both supportive and inspiring. During my time at the PWR15 CHC, I ate better, walked more and increased my commitment to energy self-care by teaching others to do the same.”

Heather Phillips
HPBE Energy Self-Care Expert

If you follow the program, it works!

“I have participated in 2 of Michelle’s Club programs now, and both times, I’ve found the process worked in achieving my goals.

The daily accountability helps me to be consistent and stay on track, while the community and the coaching provide the direction and support to create and master new habits. The opportunity to connect, learn from, and bond with other Club members creates for a richer experience.

The PWR15 Method and Club, combined, are powerful!  I am looking forward to the Foundational Health Program and working with Michelle to move me forward on my health goals.”

Alexanne Stone
NLP Trainer & Body Language Expert

I’m not just the creator, I’m a client!
25 pounds down in 3 months!

“I first started The PWR15 Conscious Health Club because I needed it for myself! During Covid, I was struggling with weight gain, depression from a significant personal loss, and chronic pain that made it difficult to work and walk.

In the first 3 months, I ate a low carb, “paleo” diet, reported my progress in the Club and had the support of my Team. The mindset and mindfulness aspects of the program, as well as the peer support, were critical to my success.

As a result, in 3 months, I lost 25 pounds, reduced my pain, lifted my depression, and improved my overall wellbeing. It works!

Even people like me, who teach and coach this work, struggle with implementation. I needed my program as much as my clients do! Success doesn’t happen in isolation; community is essential.”

Michelle Demers
Creator of The PWR15 Method & Clubs

“I decided to follow a Keto-style diet.*** But knowing what to eat was only a small part of it. I had to build the foundation, the supporting lifestyle, the structure to make sure I could keep to my plan.

That’s where I needed the help. It really is the focus, consistency, and accountability that makes all the difference. Michelle’s methods made it easy.”

(***Note: We don’t prescribe specific diets. You choose what and how you want to eat. We help you build the habits to support it.)

What members say …

Honey, I’m home!

“I finally found my people – my tribe!”

~ Rachel

Could it really be this easy?

“I wish I knew it could be this easy when I was younger! I am accomplishing much more now than I ever have before and going for things that I once thought were out of reach. It’s exciting to see where I’ll go next!”

~ Kathi

I’ve got my happy back!

“I can honestly say that this is the first time in ten years that I feel truly happy. I’ve learned that being in action is the key to create my own happiness, and the The PWR15 Club has helped me do that.”

~ Shelley

The gift of a year…

“The PWR15 Club was my foundation for the entire year of 2019! It has a really fantastic Team structure that helped me do the things that mattered to me that I was not doing on my own. The support of others on the Team was invaluable and uplifting, and I enjoyed cheering everyone on. PWR15 is a tool for anyone and everyone. I recommend it without reservation!”

~ Eileen

I feel the love.

“I have had a tendency to be scattered and overwhelmed. The PWR15 Club helped me to focus and chunk my goals down. The warmth, caring, and support of the community and the connections and friendships really contributed to the strength and value of this Club. I am most grateful for this experience and recommend it highly. You will be encouraged, loved and empowered.”

~ Susan