The Process & Science

How It Works:

First, choose your Wildly Important Goal (WIG): 

You can choose ANYTHING – the process is the same. See below for ideas!

Ask yourself:

What goal or dream, if you could make significant progress or even achieve it in the next 90 days, would most improve your life? 

What project would you like to complete?
What goal will move your life forward the fastest?
What dream has been on the backburner forever?
What are you procrastinating on that you must get done?
What would be FUN? 

[If you are not sure what to choose, we’ll help you decide after you join.]

What is YOUR WIG?

Second, commit a minimum of 15 minutes per day,
5 days per week, for 90 days towards that WIG:

1 goal

Work and report on your one
Wildly Important Goal.

If you finish that goal before
the 90 days, then you can
choose another. We focus
on one goal at a time.

15 min/day

A minimum of 15 minutes per day,
any 5 to 7 days per week you choose.

You can do more than 15 minutes.
Some people use our 15-minute
cycles all day long and apply The
Power of 15 to their whole lives.
That’s just one reason why The
Power of 15 is so powerful!

90 Days

Enough time to build lasting
habits & achieve real results.
It gives you and your teammates
time to gel and for your coaches
to really get to know you. 

You can stop at 90 days or keep
going. Many of our members stay
because over time your results
compound; it gets better and better!

Your 3-Step Daily Process

Step 1: Work on your Wildly Important Goal (WIG) for a minimum of 15 minutes using The Power of 15™ methods.

You can do more if wish. We teach you how to work in highly productive 15-minute cycles. 


Step 2: Fill out your Daily Check-In Worksheet, logging your progress.

Your coaches and teammates will provide comments on your worksheets with coaching, support, ideas, resources, and cheers.

Step 3: Read and comment on 2 of your teammates’ worksheets, and check for any Club news and updates.

Over the course of the week, you will aim to leave at least one comment for each of your teammates.

Because we are helping you be super productive and eliminate time wasters the rest of the day, the 15+/- minutes you spend in the Club each day come back to you 1000-fold in time, energy, resources, opportunities, and more.

Why It Works:
The Club’s 8 Keys for Success

Personalized online coaching to walk with you each step of the way from start to finish.
Training builds lifelong habits and skills to achieve any goal or dream.
Visibility and accountability support you to show up and take action. 
Proven, simple methods mean our process is not only doable, but it will work for you.
Focus on one goal provides clarity and confidence and reduces overwhelm.
Productivity increases as you break through procrastination and eliminate time wasters. 
Rewards and celebrations make doing the work fun! 🙂
Goal tracking allows you to measure progress and improve your results.
Structure and systems provide the perfect mix of support and flexibility.
Peer support eliminates isolation through community, connection, and camaraderie. 

Experts like Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, and others agree that these critical elements are necessary for success, and in The PWR15 Club, we have them ALL!

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