Work, as we know it, will never be the same.

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Remote Workforce … Accountability … Productivity
Reengineering Training and Onboarding / Training Evolution
Mention of Great Resignation?

The working world changed in 2020, but it has since evolved in the remote and hybrid remote work models of today.


 “The world of work has emerged from the pandemic with some unprecedented, paradoxical and obvious traits — People have changed the way they think, work and live; they have changed their priorities.” 

“People now expect employers to have “a truly compelling business objective and a high degree of social and environmental responsibility, demonstrating a commitment to take care of employees’ mental and physical health, and offering flexible working.”

— Forbes, December 2021 —

The rise of remote work has created a whole new world of opportunities and choices, and workers are re-evaluating their personal and professional values, goals, and priorities.

Workers are motivated, not just by money, but by the quality of their work environments, their opportunities for ongoing personal and professional growth, the overall fulfillment of their work, and how their work supports their bigger life goals and desires.

Plain and simple: people got used to working from home and would prefer to work from home part-time to full-time. While people have worked remotely for years, a majority of companies that hadn’t made that transition pre-Covid made it by necessity. And now there’s no going back. Remote and hybrid-remote work models are here to stay.

In this “New Normal” companies have been forced to:  

develop new skills training for new tools, processes, and policies

teach new ways of leading, managing and communicating

change roles and responsibilities, eliminate positions and create new ones

work through increased employee absence, decreased, productivity, and profitability

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The Pressing Issues and Demands Facing Organizations Today

What painful, costly problems are you facing right now?

(Remote Worker – Or Organization-Wide) Productivity and Accountability

The “New” Remote/Hybrid Work Culture and Communication Breakdowns

New Leadership Skills and Management Practices Needed in the New Normal

(Little to No) ROI on Current Training Investment

The Direct Consequences

LOST IN TRANSLATION. Not all aspects of organizational operations and culture translate from an in-person work environment to a predominantly remote one; organizations are struggling to maintain the integrity of their culture in the “new normal”.

NOT JUST CHANGE > EVOLUTION. The rapid speed of organizational evolution required to meet these unprecedented demands has created a “trial by fire” environment, creating stress for workers.

NEW LEADERSHIP SKILLS AND APPROACHES REQUIRED. New ways of working require new ways of leading and managing; many in leadership and management positions are not skilled nor experienced in the methodologies now needed in today’s work environment.

TRADITIONAL TRAINING METHODS DON’T WORK. Traditional training methods lack critical elements for successful long-term implementation, lasting change, and results.

ACCOUNTABILITY IS PARAMOUNT. The need for transparency and accountability, individually and organizationally, has never been higher, yet has been difficult to install effectively in the remote work world.

The Ripple Effects

PANDEMIC OF LONELINESS. Remote employees are struggling to feel “connected” and are yearning for ways to create more meaningful connection with coworkers.

QUICK FIXES CAN CREATE MORE PROBLEMS THAN THEY SOLVE. New systems, processes, tools, and policies are often developed in a rushed, patchwork style and roll-outs can be chaotic and confusing. Sometimes new systems don’t work and need to be changed again.

ROLL-OUTS CAN BE CHAOTIC AND CONFUSING. Traditional training methods lack critical elements for successful long-term implementation, lasting change, and results.

Employees are frustrated with the additional investment of time, energy, and resources in the continuous learning required just to keep up, breeding resentment.

Decreased productivity, efficiency, overall operational performance, and employee satisfaction ultimately affect profitability and the bottom line.

Employee engagement and retention are rapidly falling; workers are leaving their jobs in droves to find new employers and positions that align with how they want to live and work moving forward.

Turnover and loss of organizational IQ are costing companies millions. Attracting top talent to replace lost talent, compete, and grow is a challenge.

We get it.
We understand.
You deserve better.
We will help you solve this.

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Training is Both the Core Problem AND Solution

Traditional Training, Learning and Development Doesn’t Work.

(It never has.)

Everything boils down to effective lasting change. Covid has forced every company to pivot, adapt, and evolve to stay viable.

You cannot change people, processes, or culture without training, and most importantly, without effective implementation and practice of new skills over time

Too often training today lacks ongoing practice and application. Successful lasting change for individuals and organizations requires buy-in at all levels and daily practice with accountability, coaching and feedback

Companies spend millions each year on training $82.5 Billion in 2020 that does not improve business outcomes nor create lasting change. Instead of an asset, training is an expense with little to no ROI.

Therefore, great training with real application and daily practice, leads to greater employee satisfaction, engagement, retention and productivity.


Training and Onboarding with proper “Action Learning” is the cornerstone for success in attracting, recruiting and retaining your greatest talent today.

Everything that is currently happening in the workplace boils down to change. Covid has forced every company and organization to pivot, adapt, and evolve to stay viable.

You cannot change people, processes, or culture without training, and most importantly, without effective implementation over an extended period of time to cement change.

By design, courses, workshops, conferences, and other traditional educational formats lack ongoing practice and application. Learning requires continuous implementation, over the long-term, with accountability, coaching and feedback, to hone and refine skills and to shift culture at an individual and organizational level for permanent change.

Companies and organizations spend millions each year on training ($82.5 Billion in 2020!) that does not achieve the intended business outcomes nor create lasting change. Instead of an asset, training has become an expense with little to no ROI – money down the drain.

Organizations which do not do a good job in training, preparing, and supporting their employees through these changing, difficult times are the ones which are experiencing significant loss and turnover. 

Therefore, the quality and effectiveness of training programs directly affect employee happiness, engagement, and retention. Effective training is core to an organization’s success and profitability.

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The Solution: The Power 15 [PWR15] Model

The Next Evolution:
Implementation and Accountability-Based
Training and Development

Your Solution is The Next Evolution:

Implementation and Accountability-Based Action Learning for Lasting Change and Results

Using The Power 15 Model, Our Clients Have Improved the Following Business Outcomes

put graphic here

Make these the boxes in the image – 9 boxes (ala cube




Reduced Stress /  Healthier Workforce

Culture and Community (revisiting living mission and values) Actually Improve Their Culture
Team Building

Productivity and Profitability

Increasing ROI of Training and Onboarding

Make culture even better than before covid
Walk the talk
This is the way to do what you’ve been talking about – how to “live” it

> AppliedTraining
> Training in Action
> TrainingEvolved
> ActionTrainingROI (Steven’s suggestion) – is available,


I regret ever committing to IT and evolution
Training sucks and I know it
We suck at onboarding our new hires
Why aren’t we getting better results

How many people are lost in onboarding – 20-40% resign / 20-30% no show for orientation
We’re about a 30% acceptance rate of job offers – need to pay more

Make sure the applications I list tie to the 9 boxes above (Innovation, culture, etc)
Culture change not attractive
Team Building commoditized – healthier more productive, effective teams

Instead of Additional Benefits Additional Benefits >>> Lasting Changes, Lasting Improvement


“Mastery” – Skill Mastery

Humanity, seen and supported
Invested in you having a good experience in the learning process and taking care of you
Coming at training from a point of service
Typically competency-based – instead of investment in your professional development to confidentially take on roles in your work

Our training isn’t just about what you can do for us, it’s about what we can do for you.
We take what can be difficult / uncomfortable and make it fun, supported, exciting

Most people don’t feel excited about training, work, boring
Turning training on its head – effective, fun, community-based, works for long-term

Residual effects – result that extends past the training – lasting effect on personal and professional development
Team engagement, employee engagement extends past …
Deeper level of camaraderie and connection that transcends work into the personal realm
Changes how people see their coworkers – as people, as friends
Culture of caring – collective of people first coming together for work, but at the core we are people

How We Help

I can make these icons with one or two words as well. Just doing a brain dump, we can select from this list.

PWR15 – Performance. Wins! Results! (open to changing these if there are better words to illustrate PWR)
15-minute daily method (check-ins and focus on action)

Focus on training continuity and implementation
Focus on accountability (esp. in remote but can translate to in-person)
Daily action over period of time (typically 12 weeks or more)
Actual training re-designed – from learning-based to implementation-based


Project- completion
Habit and skill-building
Culture change
Group learning – cohort-based (individual also available)
Team building, community, connection, engagement
Innovation and Employee Contribution (Findings and Recommendations for Improvements)

Additional Benefits:
Time management, Improved productivity
Leadership/Champion identification and development
Improved communications (esp. written)
Coaching skills
Personal development – same principles can be applied in other aspects of life
Individual and group-performance
Coaching and coach/peer feedback loops
Employee retention


The Results

Massively Increase ROI

Create Lasting Change

Better Business Outcomes

How We Help

Workforce Training Needs Assessment

Training Program Assessments

Adding Action Learning, Accountability and Implementation to Current Training

Training Effectiveness Audits

Training Program Re-Design

Training Program Analysis (Due Diligence) Prior to Investment

Training Implementation Programs (clarify)

Increasing Productivity and Accountability Implementation

Building Better Teams Assessments and Implementation

Diversity and Equity Inclusion
Remote Project-Based Teams
Sales Teams to Share What’s Working – Collective Knowledge

Training Program Assessments

Better Utilization and Effectiveness of Existing Programs

Training Program Re-Design

Assessment of Training Programs in Consideration
Prior to Investment

Training Implementation Programs

Productivity and Accountability Programs

We help you maximize existing trainings to create ROI on training dollars already spent.

We help you evaluate new trainings before spending new dollars on learning and development.

By-products of our process are productivity, improved operational efficiencies, and talent attraction and retention which significantly contribute to profitability.

Adolfson and Peterson Case Study

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I can create a few slides on a slider that include survey results, quotes, etc.

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Work, as we know it, will never be the same.

With PWR15, it can be better!