Work, as we know it, will never be the same.

 “The world of work has emerged from the pandemic
with some unprecedented, paradoxical and obvious traits.

People have changed the way they think, work and live;
they have changed their priorities.

People now expect employers to have a truly compelling business objective
and a high degree of social and environmental responsibility,
demonstrating a commitment to take care of employees’
mental and physical health and offering flexible working.”

One thing is clear: remote work is here to stay.

Employers which embrace remote work and hybrid work models,

evolving their leadership, systems, and culture,
are poised for a bright future.

Remote work can be high-touch, productive, and profitable;
it can be an asset and a positive evolutionary growth step.

We’re here to help you do just that!

The Next Evolution of Training and Development Is Required
to Reengineer the Remote Workforce

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Four Key Challenges Facing
Organizations Today

Which of these painful, costly problems is your
organization experiencing right now?

Remote and Hybrid Worker Productivity,
Accountability, Engagement and Retention

Cohesive Culture and Communications in the Remote and Hybrid Work World

New Leadership and Management Practices that Work in Today’s Environment

 Poor ROI of Past and Current Training;
New Training Methods Needed to Adapt

The Direct Consequences of the
Rapid Change to Remote and Hybrid Work

LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES EXPOSED > Weaknesses in management talent are more visible and felt. Previously poor managers are losing their people; good managers are strained trying to keep the ship afloat.

REDUCED PROFITABILITY > Leaders and managers fail to produce business results because their “old ways” no longer work, creating ripple effects of decreased productivity, efficiency, and operational performance.

BREAKDOWN OF COMMUNICATIONS AND EROSION OF CULTURE > Remote work makes communications more difficult, leading to loss of company culture. Better methods are needed to re-strengthen corporate identity.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SUFFERING > Leaders need new strategies for to re-engage professionals who are risking burnout and are yearning for more meaningful connection and contribution.

ACCOUNTABILITY IS PARAMOUNT > The need for transparency and accountability, individually and organizationally, has never been higher, yet has been difficult to install in the remote work world.

GREAT RESIGNATION IMPACT > The loss of talent and organizational IQ are costing companies millions; attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges for organizations today.

Traditional training fails to address these current needs and challenges, and little changes or improves. Actually, in many cases, it’s getting worse.

Training Is the Root of the Problem

Traditional training, learning and development
methods are not designed to meet today’s needs.

TRADITIONAL TRAINING LACKS ROI > Organizations spend millions each year on training that does not improve business outcomes nor create lasting change. Instead of an asset, training is an expense with little to no ROI.

MOST TRADITIONAL TRAINING LACKS EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION > Lasting change requires ongoing application and coaching to build habits, master skills, and shift culture. Without it, change doesn’t stick.

TRADITIONAL TRAINING ILL-EQUIPPED FOR RAPID CHANGE > People, processes, and culture cannot evolve quickly without effective training applied continuously in an effective manner.

QUICK FIXES CREATE MORE PROBLEMS THAN THEY SOLVE > Band-aid approaches to new systems, processes, tools, and policies duplicate effort and dysfunction requiring more organizational resources and training.

TRAINING ROLL-OUTS CAN BE CHAOTIC AND TIME CONSUMING > Employees are stressed with lack of guidance and resentful of the additional time and energy required in training just to keep up.

QUALITY OF TRAINING CORRELATES TO ENGAGEMENT AND RETENTION > Organizations struggling to properly train, lead, and support their employees are experiencing significant loss and turnover.

Proven, effective training for today’s unique circumstances, with buy-in and alignment at all levels of the organization, is essential for success, and ultimately, profitability.

We get it.
We understand.
You deserve better.
We will help you solve this.

The Next Evolution in Training is the Solution

Action Learning with an Implementation and Accountability Focus
in an Engaged, Online Peer Community

THE ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY. Next Evolution Training works for any combination of remote, hybrid-remote, and on-site workers.

GOES BEYOND TRAINING TO REAL TRANSFORMATION. Training should be a total experience designed to create lasting change and serious ROI, not just learning skills or content.

GREATLY IMPROVES ENGAGEMENT AND RETENTION. Next Evolution Training deepens coworker relationships and greatly enhances culture and community at all levels of the organization improving retention.

ORGANIZATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY, EFFICIENCY, AND PROFITABILITY.  All of your people (including remote) will work faster and smarter, not just in their training, but across all of their tasks.

IMPLEMENTATION YIELDS BETTER RESULTS. Next Evolution Training’s unique methods and combination of action learning and effective implementation achieves far better results and ROI on training investments.

FROM THE FRONTLINE TO THE C-SUITE. The Next Evolution process works at all levels of the organization, not just for training but also for knowledge sharing, mentoring, and peer coaching and support.

PROCUCES LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION EFFECTIVESS. The Next Evolution Training process always, regardless of the training topic, produces significant improvements in leadership and communications.

BEYOND TRAINING TO REAL BEHAVIOR CHANGE. We combine psychology, behavior change, habit-building, time management, and program goals to create a truly comprehensive approach.

DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY ENSURES VISIBLE, MEASURED PROGRESS. Whether you have 10 or 1,000 people, we can see each person’s daily actions to ensure ongoing practice, mastery, and permanent change.

IMPROVE BOTH HIGH AND LOW-PERFORMERS. Our system supports high-achievers and emerging leaders while also helping low and mid-level performers maximize their potential.

CULTIVATING ORGANIZATIONAL CHAMPIONS. We develop “internal champions” to become your leaders and facilitators of future training initiatives with less reliance on us, further contributing to ROI and retention.

PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Our methodology goes beyond their work; it improves all facets of your employees’ lives, which builds appreciation, satisfaction, and loyalty.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION. Next Evolution Training works for all topic areas and desired business outcomes, in stand-alone trainings or combined with other trainings and programs.

A Wide Array of Applications

Below is just a sampling; we can customize our process to your needs.

> Leadership and Communications

> Diversity and Equity Inclusion

> Productivity and Time Management

> Marketing Strategy Implementation

> Sales Training and Mastery

> Customer Service

> Onboarding New Hires

> Problem-Solving and Innovation

> Organizational Knowledge Sharing

> Culture and Management Change

> Pre and Post Mergers and Acquisitions

> Outplacement

> Revenue, Budget, and Profitability Goals

> Operational Efficiency

> Quality Control and Improvement

> Team Performance Improvement

> Management Performance Improvement

> Product and Service Development

> Course Delivery and Completion

> Contests, Games, and Challenges

> 1:1 and Group Coaching and Mentoring

> Masterminds and Roundtables

> Project and Goal Achievement

> Accountability Partners and Teams

The Results

Massively Increase ROI

Create Lasting Change

Better Business Outcomes

How We Help

> Training and Engagement Assessments

> Skill-Building Implementation Programs

> Custom Program Development

> Training Program Design and Redesign

> Productivity and Accountability Programs

> New and Existing Training ROI Consulting

Case Study:

USA-Based Commercial Construction Company

$1B Annual Revenue / 4 Regional Divisions
Employee Engagement, Leadership, and Innovation Program


Easy to implement and long-term results …

“As an experienced corporate culture consultant, I was astounded by the simplicity of the PWR15 program and how it revolutionized the way my clients achieve results. In a busy workplace, change can be overwhelming. PWR15 makes progress easy and achievable, and more importantly, sustainable.”

Cheryl McKenzie
Director, Unleash Academy
Corporate Change Consultant

If you are looking for something different that works, this is it!

“This is the most transformational program I’ve ever participated in. As a leadership coach and consultant with a corporate background, I see so many uses for this in organizational settings, including productivity, management, culture change, and more.

PWR15 Clubs offer unique and effective programs, and Michelle is one of my trusted experts I highly recommend.”

Natasha Lindor
Corporate Leadership Consultant
The And Factor

Take your people to a whole new level.

“As an experienced salesperson with a catalog printing company, I wasn’t sure how much a program like this would help me grow. I was blown away with how much I accomplished in just 15 minutes daily with a singular, laser focus on building my referral network, leading to my best sales quarter ever.

The Power 15 Method and a PWR15 Club concept would help any company’s sales team meet and exceed goals and would be great for both new, up-and-coming salespeople as well as seasoned ones.”

Katie Tarlin
Senior Sales Representative

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