The Power of 15 Method and PWR15 Clubs:
Applications in Businesses and Organizations

Productivity, Performance, and Profits

The Power of 15™ Method and PWR15™ Club can be implemented independently or combined
and customized to your goals and desired outcomes.

Increase focus and consistency in lead generation and follow ups. Increase sales and improve closing rates.

Improve workflow efficiency and work quality, while reducing stress and overwhelm.

Help new hires feel welcomed, connected and supported as they go through onboarding steps.

Offer a caring support structure to help transitioning employees complete their employment positively and successfully.

Design an environment for training, implementation, testing, and continuous improvement.

Develop a cohesive and collegial team success culture, improving communications, relationships, and working environment.

Help remote team members work much more effectively and productively from home.

Offer PWR15 Club memberships for employees to work on their personal goals and dreams.

Meet timelines and deliverables in a more paced and relaxed way; daily check-ins keep people accountable and on track.

Build a fertile environment for coaching, mentoring, collaborating, and masterminding.

Create a unique customer experience and build brand loyalty with a PWR15 Club concept.

Track and study the customers’ experience and engage in quality discussions that promote insightful and useful feedback.

Take your sales people and sales to a whole new level.

“As an experienced sales person with a catalog printing company, I wasn’t sure how much a program like this would help me grow. I was blown away with how much I accomplished in just 15 minutes daily with a singular, laser focus on building my referral network, leading to my best sales quarter ever.

The Power of 15 Method and a PWR15 Club concept would help any company’s sales team meet and exceed goals and would be great for both new, up-and-coming sales people as well as seasoned ones.”

Katie Tarlin
Senior Sales Representative
PWR15 Club Member

Features & Benefits

Experiences & Outcomes

Boost results by using a PWR15 approach.

“This is the most transformational program I’ve ever participated in. As a leadership coach and consultant with a corporate background, I see so many uses for this in organizational settings, including productivity, management, culture change, and more.

The PWR15 Club is a unique and effective program, and Michelle is one of my trusted experts I highly recommend.”

Natasha Lindor Hahn
PWR15 Club Member & Guest Expert


Live or virtual keynotes, seminars, workshops, and retreats

Online coaching, training, and implementation programs

Consulting on productivity, sales, team building, organizational culture, and more

Set up and ongoing oversight and management of your own PWR15 Club


We can work with topical experts, independent consultants, HR and management consulting firms, corporate training companies, and others to fill gaps, add value, and enhance results. We can work independently as a recommended resource or can integrate into larger scale projects and programs, including but not limited to:

Employees can track health goals and progress and receive daily coaching and support.

Combine your sales techniques with our daily focus and implementation program for even more powerful results.

Give employees added structure and support during leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring.

Combine your team building and diversity methods with our cohesive environment to create a deeper collegial connection.

Easy to implement and long-term results …

“As an experienced corporate culture consultant, I was astounded by the simplicity of the PWR15 program and how it revolutionized the way my clients achieve results. In a busy workplace, change can be overwhelming. PWR15 makes progress easy and achievable, and more importantly, sustainable.”

Cheryl McKenzie
Director, Unleash Academy
Corporate Change Consultant
PWR15 Club Member

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